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Thursday 24 May 2018

Black and white answers on silage wrapping

Two students from Kerry have been asked to give talks to farmers after they investigated the effect of different coloured wrap on silage.

The project from Maribeth O'Donoghue and Olivia O'Shea from Coláiste na Sceilge found that different types of cattle farmers should look for different types of silage wrap, as each wrap offered different advantages.

"The protein in our white came out higher and the results in our dry matter came out higher, making the silage more palatable for the cows," they said.

Meanwhile, the girls' results showed that silage stored in black wrap would suit beef farms better, as it could be preserved for longer periods of time.

"We have had a lot of farmers come to us," Maribeth said. "For some, I recommend the white and others I recommend the black. It all depends on what you're farming.

"We'd be very interested in recommending and helping farmers choose their silage on colour." But the second year students aren't finished with their research yet.

They are planning to explore pink silage wraps after it hit the market for charity.

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