Belgian manufacturer unveils four-wheel axle tanker

Joskin slurry tanker
Joskin slurry tanker

Belgian slurry tanker manufacturer Joskin has come up with a novel way to prevent ground compaction when spreading slurry: a tanker with four wheels on one axle, spanning the entire width of the tanker to help uniformly distribute its weight. In this way, soil structure is protected from heavy impact.

The Tetrax tanker (pictured) is available from 10,700-16,000 litre tank capacities, with prices to be announced next month. Wheel arches are recessed into the tanker body, allowing for a low centre of gravity.

Known as the Tetrax2 16000S, one of the key advantages is that it can be fitted with 650/85R38 tyres, with a diameter of 2,070mm, which makes for better traction and increased contact surface area to the ground.

The four wheels are mounted in a two by two arrangement on the running gear.

Each pair of wheels is fastened to the integral cradle of the tank by a central axis.

Additionally, each pair of wheels is fitted with a horizontal swinging movement in order to be able to adapt to ground unevenness.


At 3,230mm the Tetrax is quite a wide unit, but this is the only way to avoid friction between the side walls of the tyres, especially when the tanker is fully loaded.

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Due to its design, Joskin say the Tetrax2 16000S is a spreading tanker designed to ideally work in fields all of the time, with a nurse tanker arrangement for filling in the field probably the best way to maximise output.

The firm also see the Tetrax as an alternative for self-propelled spreaders.

The Tetrax2 16000S can be fitted with a vacuum pump with a flow up to 25,000l of air/min or a lobe pump with a capacity up to 8,000l slurry/min. They both reduce the down time when filling at the edge of a field.

The ease of comfort and the machine performance can further be increased by using either an 8in or 10in filling arm, and by the modern Isobus control.

A sturdy linkage at the back of the tanker is designed to hitch to any type of implement close to the tanker rear wall.

These include splash plate, trailing shoe, injector and dribble bar applicators.

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