Wanted: Girlfriend for this lovely 34-inch bull... must be short!

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The owners of this miniature breed Dexter bull are looking to him find love this Christmas.

Charlie's owners are looking to help find him love this Christmas. Gordon Harding, who owns the bull, said because his Dexter herd has been reduced down to just Charlie, the miniature bull is lonely and could do with some company.

However, he's a bit vertically challenged! Standing at only 34 inches Charlie is a miniature Dexter and is finding it difficult to find a suitable partner in love as the other cattle on Gordon's farm are towering over him.

So, Gordon and the team at Portumna Agri have turned to Facebook to try find Charlie a girlfriend.

"We're looking for someone with a lovely lady cow looking for a young bull of Charlie's stature," said Gordon.

Dexter cattle are a miniature breed and Gordon had been minding the small herd for his neighbour, before eventually buying the herd from her. Now, after selling the cows, Gordon is left with just Charlie and says now could be a good time for him to find a new home with some other Dexter cows or heifers.

Charlie (on the right) with a seven-week-old calf who is already as tall as him.
Charlie (on the right) with a seven-week-old calf who is already as tall as him.

Dexter cattle are the smallest European breed of cattle and the breed originated in the south west of Ireland.

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Gordan Harding with Charlie.
Gordan Harding with Charlie.

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