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Friday 24 November 2017

UK supermarket pulls corned beef from shelves over alleged slavery link

Another meat scandal is linked to Brazil.
Another meat scandal is linked to Brazil.
Margaret Donnelly

Margaret Donnelly

Waitrose, one of the leading UK supermarkets, has pulled one of its corned beef brands from its shelves, after allegations were made that the meat came from a farm that used slave labour.

The move comes after The Guardian newspaper in the UK carried an investigative article that claimed the products could contain meat from farms that may have used slave labour.

The Guardian said that "documents obtained by the Guardian and Reporter Brasil show that JBS, one of the world’s largest meat processing companies, previously purchased cattle from a farm under federal investigation for using workers as modern-day slaves."

JBS said it has stopped buying from the farm on discovering the alleged link.

The Guardian reported that the farm in question was found to have men living in inhumane conditions, with no shelter, toilets or drinking water.

Waitrose said in a statement that while it has found no such concerns in our own supply chain, it is taking the allegations seriously and has stopped sourcing any of its corned beef from there (JBS) while its investigates fully.

It also said that the majority of its corned beef is from British sources and it continues to sell this. Other UK supermarkets stock corned beef from JBS, but have not taken the precautionary step that Waitrose has to remove it from their shelves.

"While we have found no such concerns in our own supply chain (and have recent audits, including April 2017), we are taking these allegations seriously so have stopped sourcing any of our corned beef from there while we investigate fully."

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This is not the first scandal to hit global beef giant JBS. Earlier this year JBS, the largest meat processor in the world, was one of a number of Brazilian meat comapanies embroiled in a widespread investigation in Brazil over claims of fraud and mislabelling of meat.

A spokesman for JBS at the time said that "while one JBS employee who works at one of our processing plants has been included in the investigation...No actions have been taken against JBS executives or managers." 643

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