Two more NI processors licensed by Bord Bia

Bord Bia has confirmed that additional processors in Northern Ireland have been licenced by the marketing body to use various versions of the Bord Bia quality mark.

Meat plants in Dungannon and Newry have recently become approved members of Bord Bia's Meat Processor Quality Assurance Scheme.

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Last week Aldi confirmed that it was forced to stock Irish beef that was processed in the UK due to difficulties in sourcing meat from local factories.

Nine plants in the North are now licenced by Bord Bia to use various versions of the Bord Bia quality mark.

Bord Bia stated that five of these plants are licensed to slaughter cattle from the South, with the other four variously involved in cutting, further processing, retail packing or burger production.

There are a further three Bord Bia-approved meat processing facilities in Britain, Holland and France.

It comes as a glut of 70,000 cattle has been created as a result of the marathon beef dispute between farmers and meat protestors.

Yesterday, Meat Industry Ireland warned warned that a juncture is now being reached where irreparable damage will be done to the customer base for Irish beef in the UK and European markets.

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"Whenever we do get back to normal processing activity, there is a big question mark over how many customers will be there," MII Director Cormac Healy said.

"Customers have moved and are moving to get supply from other markets.

"If we get back open and many of these customers are gone, we will be looking to Government for market supports measures," he added.

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