Watch: As Trump's Ag advisor buys the world's most expensive bull

US President Donald Trump with Charles Herbster.
US President Donald Trump with Charles Herbster.

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Donald Trump's main agricultural advisor spent what is thought to be a record breaking $1.5m on an Angus bull in recent days.

Charles Herbster, who owns Herbster Angus, bought the bull at the Schaff Angus Valley Angus sale this weekend, for what is a record-breaking figure according to Will Bollum of the Western Ag Reporter.

Bollum, who was at the sale, said it took just six minutes for the sale to conclude with the winning bid made by Herbster Angus Farms of Falls City, Nebraska for $1.51m.

Herbster Angus will keep 80pc semen rights on America, while the bull will remain at Schaff Angus Valley who has 20pc semen rights.

The 205-day old bull, who weighed in at 1,107lb (500kg) was described in the sale book as “He presents himself with true herd bull authority – long bodied, thick, square-hipped, deep and massive with a sound structure, large scrotal and gentle disposition.”

The bull, SAV America 8018, was sired by SAV President 6847, also bred by Schaff Angus Valley.

Charles Herbster, chairs the president’s Agriculture and Rural Advisory Committee, is a rancher from Nebraska and Republican donor.

He owns Herbster Angus Farms, was homesteaded in 1847 by Charles' great-great-grandfather. Charles got his start in the Angus business at the age of 11 when his grandmother, Leta Meyers Carico, bought him 65 registered Angus cows.

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Herbster also owns Carico Farms Inc., Falls City, Nebraska and North American Breeders Inc., Berryville, Virginia as well as the Conklin Company Inc.

Charles is active in Republican politics and continues to serve as the National Chairman of the Agriculture and Rural Advisory Committee for President Donald J. Trump. He is a member of the Nebraska Farm Bureau, the Nebraska Cattlemen Association, American Angus Association, and the NRA.

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