Plans to 'track and trace' Charolais bulls

Charolais bull
Charolais bull

Martin Ryan

A 'track and trace' study on all pedigree Charolais bulls sold over the past four years has been initiated by the Irish Charolais Cattle Society.

The objective is to measure the performance of the bulls' progeny to relate it to the information which was available for the bull at the time of purchase.

Society president Noel McGoldrick said breeders purchasing bulls deserve to have the best information on their breeding potential - this will have an overall benefit to the breed in strengthening confidence of purchasers.

"It is something that has not been done in the past and it needs to be done, because it is one thing showing a beautiful picture of a pedigree bull but it is an even more important story to tell breeders what the bull did for the farmer afterwards," he said.

"We want to be able to show where they went; how successful they were; what became of them; and most importantly did they make money for the breeder."

Noel said the society will be closely looking to see how the better bloodlines and the higher-price bulls have done at farm level.

"We will be looking at getting the purchasers' evaluation and satisfaction rating, and the results with the warts and all will be reported - there will be no cherry-picking - because we want to be honest about the performances," he said.

The survey is already under way and the intention is to have some of the results available for the autumn of this year.

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