Aubrac bull weighing a massive 1250kg steals the show at Tullamore

Poupeii, a 10y/o Aubrac pedigree bull,
Poupeii, a 10y/o Aubrac pedigree bull,
Catherine Hurley

Catherine Hurley

Meet Poupeii, a 10y/o Aubrac pedigree bull, weighing in at a massive 1250kg spotted at the Tullamore Show yesterday.

Owner Alfie Hanbridge form Stratford-An-Slaney in Co Wicklow said that the bull is still working on his farm and will continue to do so for some time. Poupeii was too heavy to compete at this year’s show with no weight-appropriate class for him, so instead was admired outside of the show ring at the show.

The breed originates from Auvergne, South France specifically a small town called Aubrac.

Auvergne is mountainous and typically has poor topography, not suitable for grain production. The traits selected for in the breed reflect the Auvergne region; hardiness, milking ability and productive grass-fed cattle are all strong characteristics of the breed, which is why the breed is gaining popularity in Ireland.

The Aubrac breed is typically fawn coloured with varying shades ranging from a light wheat colour to dark brown on the in the head and neck of the animal. This is more pronounced on a uncastrated male where the head is almost black. The breed is of moderate frame, well-muscled and of a sturdy robust build with short strong legs made for mountainous regions.

The weight of an average adult bull is 900 to 1200kgs and an average cow weighing is at 550 to 800kgs, calves at birth weigh between 35 to 40kgs. 

This breed can feed well on rough forage such as grass, hay and finish well. The maternal qualities of fertility, calving ease and milk quantity are highly regarded in the Aubrac breed.

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