Movement issues threaten future of livestock B&B

Martin Ryan

Serious issues relating to the operation of livestock B&B, commonly used by hundreds of farmers, are now threatening the future of the practice countrywide.

The Department of Agriculture has confirmed to  The spokesperson for Agriculture Minister, Michael Creed, has also confirmed that "the passport/ID card must accompany the bovine animals at all times during movement" and each transfer is recorded as a "movement" for QA criteria.

Farmers and providers of B&B stress that serious issues on the future of the practice remain to be resolved in the interest of both farms providing B&B facilities and those using the service. Farmers point out that the ownership of the animals in B&B issue has arisen from a recent situation where a farmer was "locked" from removing his stock from a B&B facility when the ID cards were withheld because of a difference on another issue.

A spokesperson for Minister Creed has told  A farmer B&B provider said, "The ownership issue has been ripped wide open and needs to be sorted out" warning that unless there is more common sense, "I can see this being the end of B&B which is a service that many farmers require".

Farmers stress that the "movements" issue and 70 day residency rule to qualify for QA criteria at the factories will raise further difficulties for beef finishers who use the B&B system, in meeting the conditions for bonus payment worth an average of about €50/hd.

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