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Sunday 9 December 2018

ICBF place five bulls on the market with reserve of €2,500

Montclare Lopez. Image: ICBF
Montclare Lopez. Image: ICBF

Martin Ryan

Five Gene Ireland bulls have been placed on the market for open bidding by ICBF with a minimum reserve of €2,500 each.

Included are two Limousin bulls, two Angus and a Shorthorn, all of which have now met their target semen requirement and were primarily selected based on their replacement index.

All are rated five star across their breed and have replacement € values ranging from €156 to €105 and calving difficulties between 1.3pc and 5.4pc.

The highest index value bull is the Shorthorn from Philip Salter’s herd — Castlehaven Rocky (SH4376) — with a replacement index of €156 and calving difficulty rated at 2.3pc.

Image: ICBF
Image: ICBF

The Limousin bulls are Coisceim Lex (LM4356) and Montclare Lopez (LM4358) from Michael Montgomery’s herd, Clohaninchy, Quilty, Ennis. The former has an index of €118 with calving difficulty rated at 4pc, while the latter has an index of €106 and calving difficulty listed at 5.4pc. The two Angus bulls being offered are Captainshill Peter and McKeague Noddy (AA4357), with respective replacement indexes of €112 and €105 and calving difficulties of 3.2pc and 1.3pc.


McKeague Noddy. Image: ICBF
McKeague Noddy. Image: ICBF

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