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Wednesday 12 December 2018

Exclusion of Irish beef from UK would be 'death knell' for Irish farmers

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Eoghan MacConnell

Newly elected ICSA Beef chairman Edmund Graham said the exclusion of Irish beef from the UK would sound the “death knell” for Irish farmers. 

Speaking after his election at the recent ICSA AGM, Mr Graham said “if Brexit went wrong for us and Irish beef was excluded out of the UK it would just be the death knell for all farmers, end of story.” 

He expressed his hope that this would be avoided but said the alternative markets wouldn’t sufficiently compensate for the loss.

“Minister Creed has done a wonderful job. He has pushed hard and got live exports going and opened markets but it really still hasn’t influenced the price of beef,”  Mr Graham remarked. 

He believes it is time farmers got their share for offal and he expressed belief that meat factories and increased their trim. “There is no independent person to monitor that in the factories and we are not happy about that at all,” he remarked. He said he would be pushing for independent representatives in the factories.  Mr Graham also called for the overhaul of grading machines in factories and said something needs to be done to tackle the falling prices in the meat factories. 

Mr Graham said that aside from his concerns with the meat processors, the three main areas he plans to focus on in the coming months are Mercosur, Brexit and CAP.

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