'Consumers know nothing about the Four Movement Rule' - Beef Plan

Members of the Beef Plan Movement protesting in Ballinasloe, Go Galway recently.
Members of the Beef Plan Movement protesting in Ballinasloe, Go Galway recently.
Claire Fox

Claire Fox

Consumers are being led to believe that farmers get the biggest portion of the price when they buy beef in supermarkets, that’s according to the Beef Plan Movement who are hosting a series of information days outside Tesco stores this weekend.

The information days are set to take place outside Tesco stores in Roscommon, Tipperary and Westmeath in an effort to educate consumers on the return beef farmers get for their produce.

Farmer and Beef Plan member David Whelan said the exercise is also being held in an effort to educate consumers on rules and regulations placed on farmers which processors say are consumer demands.

“We want to see if is there is merit behind the stipulations that processors are putting on farmers like the movement rule and the 30-month age limit which processors say are the consumer demands.

“We will conduct surveys with six questions and ask do they know how these rules are enforced on farmers and are being called consumer driven demands. It’s not a protest, it’s an education for us and the consumer.”

Similar exercises were held in Cork and Kilkenny recently which David said showed that consumers “don’t know anything about the four movement rule or age limits”

“They’re shocked by the small portion that farmers get for their produce as they are led to believe they get the biggest.”

He added that the information meetings have shown the Beef Plan Movement that grass-fed and sustainable farming are qualities that are very important to consumers.

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“We intend to use the information we get from these information days to heap more pressure on the Minister and other stakeholders in order to bring an end anti-competitive practices which are manipulating prices,” explained David.

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