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China, Chile and Egypt re-open markets to Brazilian beef


Photo: GETTY

Photo: GETTY

Photo: GETTY

China re-opening its doors to Brazilian beef is a 'categorical statement of the quality of Brazilian sanitary system', Brazilian Agriculture Minister says.

Brazilian authorities have welcomed the move by China to re-op the market to Brazilian beef, days after it said it would stop taking beef from the South American country.

The move comes as Egypt and Chile also said they would re-open to Brazilian beef.

Brazilian Minister for Agriculture Blairo Maggi also said it was a victory of the country's export capacity.

The statement also clarified that China "never closed its market to our products. Rather, it took only preventive measures to ensure that we had the opportunity to provide all necessary explanations and ensure the quality of our health inspection system," he said.

Maggi went on to say that the regularisation of the Brazilian meat entrance into China shows the spirit of mutual trust between the two countries and the willingness to dialogue in good faith.

"China never closed the market to our products, but only took preventive measures so that we had the opportunity to offer all the necessary explanations and to guarantee the quality of our sanitary inspection. We are grateful for the gesture of confidence of China, our strategic partner, in the credibility of the Brazilian system."

China is one of the largest importers of Brazilian meat, including beef and poultry.

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