Charleville exporter sending Angus cattle to Romania

Michael McGrath

THE export lairage yard of Charleville cattle exporter Jerry Casey was a hive of activity last week as he and his handlers prepared a consignment of live Aberdeen Angus maiden heifers for export to Romania.

Located at Bulgaden in County Limerick, the loading of the 90 cattle aged from one and a half to two years was being supervised by veterinary inspectors from the Irish Department of Agriculture and from the Romanian cattle importing company, who were importing the cattle to improve the breeding stock of the suckler herd in Romania.

The cattle were being moved in two specially equipped transporters, each with two drivers to comply with international long-distance haulage regulations.

Their itinerary took them from Ireland via Rosslare ferry to France for one of the four regulation stop-overs on their journey which took them through Germany, Austria, Hungary before reaching Romanian territory.

Animals can be a little wild and skittish after being out on the grazing pastures and out of contact with humans, so the health and safety of both the handlers and the animals is top priority at the lairage yard.

Jerry Casey, who comes from a Charleville family long associated with the cattle trade in the south of Ireland, explained that it is imperative that every precaution is taken to ensure the safety of the handlers.

“We also have to be certain that the animals are in top condition leaving Ireland, and that they will maintain that condition on arrival at their destination, hence the presence of the veterinary inspectors,” he said.

The consumption of beef in Romania is low at 5.6kgs per capita, when one considers that 29kgs of pork is eaten per capita.

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They also eat 2.3kgs of sheep and goats’ meat per capita respectively. The aim is to grow the beef market in the country, hence the drive to improve the quality of the national herd by importing live heifers from Ireland.


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