Beef Plan to stage 'rural revolt' against 'final straw' of Mercosur outside Dail

Members of the Beef Plan Movement protesting in Ballinasloe, Go Galway recently.
Members of the Beef Plan Movement protesting in Ballinasloe, Go Galway recently.
Claire Fox

Claire Fox

The Beef Plan Movement is calling on rural stakeholders and organisations to take part in a protest against the EU Mercosur trade deal which it said is the 'final straw' for beef farmers and rural Ireland.

Chairman Hugh Doyle said that the Mercosur deal on the table of 99,000t is a “slap in the face” for Irish farmers who are doing their best to farm in a sustainable and climate friendly manner.

“It beggars belief that the EU Commission could propose such a deal with countries that are cutting down acres and cares of forestry each year," he stated.

"It goes against all the principles of the EU and everything it has stood for since its inception. They are throwing it all away in the name of money and power.

“This coupled with the fear factor of Brexit means that there is no stability anymore in beef farming.”

Mr Doyle said he had made contact with the main farming organisations to join the protest and added that the Irish Countrywomen's Association(ICA) and Irish Grain Growers Group confirmed that they would attend what he called a “rural revolt” outside Leinster House at 12 noon on Wednesday, July 10.

“We are calling on feed merchants, fertiliser suppliers, fuel suppliers, co-ops, veterinary practices, artificial insemination stations, farm contractors and the haulage and transport industries, and all those who rely heavily on the agricultural sector to join us to protest,” he said.

“If the sub standard beef from Mercosur puts farmers in Ireland out of business it will cause mayhem in rural Ireland and have knock on effects on other businesses like the local shops and pub.

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"This isn’t necessarily a Beef Plan protest. It is a rural protest. We’ve buses leaving every county in Ireland for this on Wednesday morning.”

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