Beef Plan to stage 'peaceful' protests as beef talks set to resume tomorrow

Anger: A protester a meat factory. Picture: Mark Condren
Anger: A protester a meat factory. Picture: Mark Condren
Margaret Donnelly

Margaret Donnelly

The Beef Plan Movement, which has distanced itself from the ongoing protests at factories, is to protest at a number of retailer distribution centres tomorrow.

The move comes as negotiations between the farming organisations and the factories are set to resume tomorrow, in the hope of ending the ongoing protests.

It's unknown if the Beef Plan will attend tomorrow's negotiations in Backweston, but it's understood the body representing the farmers still protesting, Independent Farmers, will not be attending the talks

The Beef Plan's protests at retailers comes after the group was informed retailers would not be attending Monday’s meetings.

In a statement to its members, it said "we find it hard to understand this as Meat Industry Ireland lay the blame for 4 movements, 70 days and 30 months firmly at the door of the retailers. Meat Industry Ireland also say that retailers take the largest share of the retail price of beef, the statement from the Beef Plan says.

"Retailers have at no point in the last month made any public statement on this issue and therefore we can only assume that this is a calculated ploy on there behalf to maintain there profits."

The group says it has tried in vain since last January to engage with some of the major retailers in Ireland without any success.

It says it will be holding a number of peaceful protests at Retail Distribution Centres over the coming days, but not those of Lidl.

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Meat Industry Ireland (MII) has refuted the claims by Beef Plan in relation to the share of the retail price.

"Beef Plan suggested that MII has said that the retailer takes the largest share of the retail price for beef.  This is inaccurate and misleading," it said in a statement today.

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