Beef Plan group hits out at 'toothless' farm organisations as it launches farmer survey

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The Beef Plan Movement has taken aim at farm organisations slamming them as 'toothless and institutionalised'.

In a direct attack on established farm organisations, the group claim "the reality whether we like to admit it or not is that our farm unions have become badly supported toothless organisations who have become institutionalised".

Established farm unions have "failed farmers to such an extent that now our very survival is threatened," claimed the Beef Plan statement.

"The people representing us are not consulting with us farmers on the ground the way they should. They don't seem to understand what we want."

Beef grid

The Beef Plan Movement is currently carrying out a survey of its members. It has asked farmers if they believe the beef grid returns a fair price to them, and if it's over complicated and needs reform.

It also questions farmers on whether they think the 30-month age limit for steers and heifers to quality of QPS needs to be extended upwards.

Farmers are asked if they think factory feedlots are used to negatively manipulate base prices and if there is competition between factories for cattle or if they think there is a cartel in operation in the beef sector.

The 10-point survey also ask farmers if they think all grades should qualify for a QA bonus if the farm is Bord Bia quality assured.

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