Almost a quarter of bulls make 'E' grade at Tully

The data for the bull is on the next slide
The data for the bull is on the next slide

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The Gene Ireland Progeny test centre recently slaughtered 49 bulls at Slaney Foods International, Bunclody, with 12 of the bulls making an E grade.

The progeny were sired by 25 different AI sires across 10 different breeds. The group consisted of 49 September, October and November 2016 born bulls.

The average carcass weight for the group was 420 kilos. They average daily gain for the group during their 88 day performance test period was 2.15 kilos per head per day, according to the figures from ICBF.

The average growth rate within the group ranged from 1.05 kilograms to 2.89 kilograms per head per day. The average kill-out for the group was 59pc, with kill-out ranging from 51pc to 64pc.

According to ICBF, overall the animals graded extremely well with 12 of the bulls grading E, 33 of the bulls being of U grade conformation, 4 grading in the R grade class.

Some 92pc of the 49 bulls met the carcass fat specifications of 2+ or higher, which it says was a great achievement for young bulls.

The data for the bull is on the next slide
The data for the bull is on the next slide

The average dry matter intake (DMI) per day for the group was 14.3 kilograms, with bulls consuming from 11.4 to 15.9 kilos per head per day on a DMI basis.

The bulls were fed hay and ad lib concentrates over their 88 day finishing period. Overall the bulls performed exceptionally well for their age and were gaining 1.27 kilos of carcass for each day they were on test at Tully.

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According to ICBF, the data demonstrates the large variation in performance between progeny in a young bull system.

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