Farm Ireland

Monday 23 October 2017

Beef prices still around €4/kg

Beef prices remain high this week, despite efforts by the beef processors to pull quotes back to beneath the landmark €4/kg.

Many of the largest plants were quoting €3.95/kg yesterday, a 5c/kg drop on quotes from two weeks ago. However, farmers are said to be securing up to €4/kg on the back of continuing scarcity of supplies. Last week's national kill was down nearly 3,500hd compared to the same week last year.

Despite the squeeze, quotes are still up by 60c/kg compared to 12 months ago. Cull cow quotes have also stayed strong at up to €3.70/kg for top-quality cows.

Meanwhile, the sheep trade remains as buoyant as ever, with typical quotes of €5.20-5.35/kg.

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