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Thursday 22 February 2018

Beef prices rise as kill level dips to 2013 figures

Beef prices are on the rise.
Beef prices are on the rise.

Joe Healy

There was a stronger trade for cows, bulls and heifers in the factories this week as a lower kill was reflected in better prices.

The overall cattle kill last week was just over 28,000hd, which was one of the few times this year that it dipped below 2013 levels.

Base quotes for steers on offer for steers held at 370-375c/kg with reports of hard sellers securing up to 380c/kg.

The majority of the quotes for heifers were at 375-380c/kg, with a few plants still chancing the 370c/kg. As with the steers, some finishers are digging their heels in and securing base prices of between 380-385c/kg. Most of the heifers are selling for 375-380c/kg.

Plants appear keen on young bulls with 380c/kg paid for U grades and 370c/kg for Rs. The best I heard for O grades was 330c/kg. Quotes for the Us in the main range from 355-360c/kg with the Rs at 345-355c/kg. The Os are generally being quoted at anything from 310-330c/kg. However, bulls in the marts were back 10-27c/kg.

Demand was good for cull cows. Prices across the board ranged from 280c/kg to 360c/kg. The Ps were making 280-300c/kg, while 310-330c/kg was being paid for O grades. The better grade cows were making 340-360c/kg.

The sheep trade was also stronger, with the base price for lambs improved to 460c/kg.

See Ringside for further details.

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