Beef data courses to commence in February

Dr Andrew Cromie ICBF. Photo: Dylan Vaughan
Dr Andrew Cromie ICBF. Photo: Dylan Vaughan

The training courses for farmers signed up to the Beef Data and Genomics Programme will begin in February.

Dr Andrew Cromie of the ICBF said it was expected that the four-hour courses would be completed in groups of 25 farmers next year for all 27,500 herds.

As he addressed the Agriculture Committee, he explained more than half of the training which farmers receive €166 for would be devoted to the Euro-stars and replacement strategies.

" We are very anxious to adopt an approach such that the herd owners who find the scheme somewhat more challenging owing to their not having as many four- and five-star females initially will be targeted for education and training early," he said.

The ICBF confirmed 19,000 DNA samples have been returned.

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