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Wednesday 24 January 2018

Be aware of fungicide changes which affect usage and recording

Growers should be aware of the changes coming down the line, with some of the most popular fungicides changing their registration details.

This means these products are re-registered with a new PCS number. Where a product has changed or lost its registration, the old product must be used within 12 months of the changes and cannot be legally used thereafter.

Products whose details have changed include Barclay Bolt, Coyote, Fandango, Helix, Mettle, Proline and Zephyr.


All of these products have a new PCS number and have some amendments to their use of crops (eg, wheat is now removed from the labels of Fandango Zephyr, Mettle and Coyote).

Mobius registration has been revoked and has a use-up by date of October 14 this year. Through the season, it's likely that Bravo and Amistar opti will have new PCS numbers.

If you are inspected by the Department of Agriculture at the end of the year, the inspectors can only assess you on what you write down, so it is important to follow the label and record the chemical use accurately and as soon as possible.

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