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Sunday 22 April 2018

Bauer's ProRain takes hassle out of irrigation

The ProRain caters for growers who do not need the high performance of the Rainstar model
The ProRain caters for growers who do not need the high performance of the Rainstar model

Bruce Lett

New from Austrian firm Bauer is the ProRain range of reel irrigators.

This year's excellent summer was the first in a long time that Irish growers -- particularly potato and vegetable producers -- had to use their irrigation equipment.

According to Adrian Tindall, Bauer's British and Ireland sales manager, the high-end Bauer Rainstar is a highly sophisticated reel irrigator, but not all growers need the Rainstar level of performance.

Mr Tindall said it was this consideration which informed Bauer's decision to develop the ProRain.

The ProRain is based on retraction forces that are a little lower than those of the higher specification Rainstar, but Bauer claims it is still higher than competitor machines.

The manufacturer insists that the drive unit, which consists of a water turbine/ gearbox combination, is an efficient unit providing enough power to cover the standard performance range for different application rates.

The reel is constructed with a closed inner drum to ensure that the first layer of hose sits correctly without distortion or overlapping. That way, subsequent layers will build up evenly, says the firm.

Other features of the ProRain include a self-loading rain gun trolley, hydraulic stabiliser leg operation, a galvanised finish for components needing corrosion protection and optional hydraulic turntable rotation.

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To cater for different waterflow rates, Bauer has made changing injection cones a one-man job.

"On some irrigators, this is a two-man job because it involves unbolting heavy hoses at the same time as supporting them," said Mr Tindall.

"The Bauer PE hose, which is known for highest quality and durability, is also used for the ProRain."

In use, the ProRain is operated using Bauer's Ecostar 4000S controller powered by a 12-volt battery with solar panel charging.

Irrigation stop/start and hose retraction speeds are some of the functions controlled and displayed on the Ecostar unit, along with the time remaining until the end of the run and the length of pipe is deployed.

"Growers rightly regard buying a reel irrigator as a long-term investment," said Mr Tindall.

At around €20,800 for a base-spec F40 110mm/ 500m, Mr Tindall also feels the ProRain represents good value for money.

Bauer products are available in Ireland from P J Dore & Co, Pallaskenry, Co Limerick. For more details, contact Adrian Tindall at or 0044 7708 919597.

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