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Thursday 22 March 2018

Bauer Turbomix set to create a stir

Bauer Turbomix
Bauer Turbomix
Derek Casey

Derek Casey

The new Bauer Turbomix MTXH slurry mixer (pictured left) is a tractor-mounted device designed for use in slurry lagoons and below-floor slurry tanks to homogenise the slurry ahead of application

"Although a slurry mixer is a pretty simple device, a lot of thought has gone into this new Bauer model," says Adrian Tindall, Bauer sales manager.

"The special design of the blades, together with the unusual protection ring, makes a real difference to its performance."

The Bauer Turbomix MTXH has a cranked frame to position the mixing blades, which are mounted on a shaft housed within a 120mm x 120mm square section tube constructed from galvanised steel.

Inside this tube, the propeller shaft is supported by multiple bearings and runs in oil for lubrication.

Two hydraulic cylinders raise and lower the frame and a third is available to tilt the shaft to get access to an underground tank - an opening of no more than 80cm square is needed.

Each of the three overlapping blades has a sharp cutting edge and a guard ring surrounding the 600mm diameter assembly is shaped to channel the flow of material over the blades and so optimise their chopping performance.


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The design is also power- efficient - Bauer maintains the Turbomix MTXH has the lowest power consumption for homogenising slurry and also converting pto power into thrust more effectively than other slurry mixers tested.

There are 'pushing' blades, considered best for incorporating surface crust, and 'pulling' blades for the most efficient mixing of solids and liquids.

Both are available on shafts 4m, 5m and 6m long designed to work effectively in storage facilities of 1000-1400cu m.

Prices start at €3700 for the 4m Turbomixer MTXH; a 6m version is priced at €4100.

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