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Heavier than average rainfall is predicted
Heavier than average rainfall is predicted

Martin Ryan

Farmers who believe the old adage that a wet and windy May fills the barns with corn and hay may not be disappointed in 2015, according to the predictions of New Zealand's weather guru Ken Ring.

The Kiwi warns farmers to expect above average rainfall across most of the country for May and mixed conditions for June.

Mr Ring - who accurately forecast the heatwaves in 2013 and 2014 - predicts that with the exception of the drier than average weather in Leinster, the rest of the country is likely to record above average rainfall during May, with sunshine also below average.

Rain is expected on between 12 and 15 days in most parts of the country, with the best weather expected for the final 10 days of the month.

The weather for the June is generally going to be better, the New Zealander predicts, but a repeat of the cracking summers of the last two years is unlikely.

"June initially brings an extended spell of summer weather, after which the third and fourth weeks may be wet, with rain easing in the last week," Mr Ring maintains.

"Temperatures may go no higher than the low 20s but in June's second week southern counties may reach 25C or above," he says.

Ring has a huge following in Ireland and his forecasts have often been very close to the mark.

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However, recognised meteorologists point out that it is impossible to predict Ireland's notoriously unsettled weather with any accuracy beyond a week or 10 days.

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