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Wednesday 22 November 2017

Basic vet medicines vary by up to 300pc

Darragh McCullough

Darragh McCullough

Farmers could make annual savings of more than €10/cow by buying routine veterinary inputs at keener rates.

A survey of some of the most commonly purchased veterinary inputs shows that there is huge variation in prices on even the most basic of products.

With a huge drive on within the livestock sector to tackle diseases such as BVD and IBR, it appears that some animal health product suppliers are out to make a killing.


For example, prices for a rotavac corona vaccine against rotavirus vary by 48pc, or €4.45 per animal. BVD vaccines such as Bovidec and Bovillis vary by up to 77pc, or €2 per animal.

But the biggest variation in prices appears to be for some of the most basic of medicines (see the table, right).

A 400ml bottle of magnesium, commonly used to treat cows suffering from grass tetany, can be twice as expensive, depending on where you shop.

The biggest range in prices was found in injectable ivermectins, with some veterinary medicine outlets charging more than three times the keenest rates negotiated by farmers.

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Best prices are being secured by buying groups, but Wexford supplier Buyrite is competitive on many products and it supplies nationwide. Farmers must pay a membership rate of €150-200 a year to avail of this service.

Darragh McCullough

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