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Tuesday 20 February 2018

Barley sells up to ¤165/t as harvest progresses

Carlow farmers offered ¤163/t for winter crop at 20pc moisture

Caitriona Murphy

Caitriona Murphy

Barley prices of €156-165/t at 20pc moisture excluding VAT were on offer over the weekend as the winter barley harvest progresses.

An IFA survey of tillage growers revealed that farmers in Carlow were offered €152-163/t plus VAT for winter barley at 20pc moisture, while growers in Wicklow and Wexford were offered €160 at 20pc.

Yields across the country are variable, ranging from 2.6t/ac up to more than 4t/ac. With a bigger acreage cut this year, the average yield looks to be 3.1-3.3t/ac.

Bushel weights, in general, are excellent, ranging from the mid-60s to the low-70s.

New crop dried Irish barley closed last week at €191-193/t, an increase of €1-2/t on earlier in the week. Harvest wheat dried was at €192-€193/t and old crop wheat traded at €220-222/t, while barley was at €202-204/t.

Early reports on the winter oilseed rape crop are good, with yields at 1.8-2.1t/ac. Moisture levels dropped as the week continued, with crops coming in at 9-11pc moisture. Prices are ranging from €385/t at 10.5pc moisture to €405-415 dried.

IFA grain chairman Noel Delany said growers were reporting a considerable increase in interest in grain for whole cropping, crimping, caustic treatment and dry rolling over the past week.

Farm-to-farm trade for cereals has increased significantly in recent years and is expected to continue its growth for this year's crop.

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Mr Delany said grain off the combine represented the best value feed that money could buy.

"Trading farm-to--farm offers opportunity to both grower and feeder in terms of increased margin and considerably reduced costs," he said.


"Invariably, once the harvest is complete, merchants will close the store doors and the price of feed will rise.

"Compound feed ration prices remain high despite some reduction in the cost of feed ingredients. Trading direct farm-to-farm eliminates a lot of unnecessary costs, allowing increased margins both for growers and feeders."

Meanwhile, straw prices are variable across the country. In Wicklow, barley straw made €20-22 per 8x4x4 square bales and €10-14 for 4x4 round bales.

In Wexford, 4x4 round bales sold for €8/bale, while in Carlow they made €10-12/bale. North Cork round bale prices made €8-11.

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