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Tuesday 20 February 2018

Balmoral launch for Blaney Agri's new sprayers

Derek Casey

Derek Casey

Blaney Agri, a sister company of Quad X, will use this week's Balmoral Show to launch a couple of new tractor mounted products.

Grass quality and availability is the biggest contribution to livestock farms' success and profitability, and so if you don't control your weeds they result in lower farm productivity and less profitability.

With this in mind, the Blaney Agri TGS range of grassland sprayers with new deluxe booms will be showcased.

The TGS sprayers offer welcome protection for nozzles from accidental damage and help avoid additional calibration requirements.

The range includes tank capacities from 230L to 1400L, and boom widths of 8m to 12m.

The Blaney TGS sprayer range is equipped with high specification pumps and a high performance control system and anti-drip nozzles.

These are all positive displacement, triple diaphragm pumps that are oil filled and self-priming to achieve higher performance.

The pumps provide excellent resistance to both abrasion and corrosive chemicals to ensure a longer working life.

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Balmoral will also see the launch of the new XCut offset rotary mower from Blaney Agri, designed as a dual purpose machine for topping but also to tackle overgrown vegetation.

The XCut range of toppers has been designed to get the job done faster with lower power requirements and most importantly a finer chop.


This machine is equipped with extra blades on each rotor to apply additional cuts for less drag, faster work rates and a finer chop giving faster decomposition of clippings, for faster recovery and better grass re-growth rates.

A standard topper will perform at approximately 2,800 cuts per minute, while it is claimed the Blaney 10ft XCut outperforms this rate at 34,560 cuts per minute.

The unique variable offset position can suit the tractor wheel width so as not to trample the grass before it is cut.

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