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Tuesday 24 April 2018

'Bale-blender' refines Keenan handling

Carlow-based Keenan has refined its bale handling system for its diet feeders. Supporting bales for processing that have been loaded into the feeder is the 'bale-blender' (right). This is a series of hinged metal bars, which span the open top of the mixing chamber.

As the paddles rotate in the chamber, the bale-blender bars sink into grooves in the paddles allowing the main body of the paddle to draw material into the feeder. In doing so, it passes material over a knife running down the machine.

Partially chopped and loosely shredded, the chopping continues within the machine using the fixed knives attached to the sides of the chamber.

The bale-blender bars now have a deeper curve, which Keenan says holds the bale more securely and also exposes more of the bale to the paddles.

The bale-blender system can be specified on new machines or fitted to existing wagons.

For more information, contact Keenan's on 059 977 1200.

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