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Saturday 24 February 2018

Axion 900 tractor range debuts at agritechnica

Quartet of redesigned models push Claas into the high horsepower bracket

Bruce Lett

Making its official debut at this year's Agritechnica event in Germany is the new Claas Axion 900 range of tractors. With power outputs of 320hp-410hp, these are the largest conventional tractors that the German firm manufactures before extending into its Xerion systems tractor territory.

The firm says the Axion 900 is a totally new design and has adopted Selective Catalytic Reduction (AdBlue), with a change of engine suppliers from John Deere to Fiat Power Train (FPT) as a means of emission control.

There will be four new models in the range and each will have maximum power outputs of 320hp, 350hp, 380hp and 410hp. All use the FPT Cursor 9, 8.7-litre, six-cylinder, 24-valve engines.

The company says these engines will be controlled by a Claas engine electronic management system and feature a completely electronically managed cooling system using a visctronic, electronically controlled cooling fan.

Matched to the FPT engine is a ZF Eccom 3.0 vario transmission, which has four variable speed working ranges. The rear axle is a French-built GIMA unit, which is from the facility that Massey Ferguson and Renault (latterly Claas) share.

According to Claas, the New Axion 900 series can be fitted with 2.15m tyres, while the suspended front axle can be fitted with tyres up to 1.70m in diameter.

Controlling the transmission is the firm's Cmatic intelligent transmission management system, which is operated via its armrest-mounted Cmotion control unit. Like many variable transmission systems, the driver can select three operating modes, Automotive, Cmotion or Manual.

In Automotive mode, the operator uses either the foot throttle or cruise control to set his forward or reverse speed. The control module then manages engine revs in accordance to what is required, providing optimum fuel efficiency. The Cmotion mode provides a similar system of operation, albeit speed is controlled via the Cmotion lever on the seat armrest. Like many vario systems, there are lots of transmission functions and features that can be set up and stored.

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Like other manufacturers, Claas now uses a new four- pillar cab design on the 900s and a one piece front windscreen from roof to floor. Air-conditioning is standard, while automatic climate control is optional.

It has also developed both new mechanical and new pneumatic cab suspension options.

The latter is known as the 'Z-Activ' cab suspension, which uses a combination of mechanical, pneumatic and intelligent damping systems. In the cab, the Cmotion armrest controller mentioned earlier also houses the Cebis terminal with a 21cm screen and an Electropilot joystick for the hydraulic controls.

There are a number of PTO speed options, including 1,000, 540 and eco in each of these. The factory-fitted front linkage and PTO is fully integrated into the tractor frame and runs at 1,000rpm. On this front PTO, there is a maximum power output of 204hp. Two hydraulic systems options are available, capable of pumping either 150l/min or 220l/min. Up to six spool valves can be fitted at the rear and two at the front. Maximum lift capacity at the rear is quoted at 11t, while front lift capacity options are 3.3t or 6.8t.

Around the house, up to 20 work lights are available, and there is a refrigerator box located under the seat. The new tractor can carry 700 litres of fuel plus 60 litres of AdBlue on board. The new Claas Axion 900 series will be available from next spring, with prices unavailable until then.

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