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Anti-theft system gets UK approval

AFTER 12 weeks of testing and evaluation, aftermarket parts company Vapormatic has received approval for its vehicle immobiliser from the British authorities.

The device was awarded Thatcham category P2 approval, which is viewed as the "mark of quality" in the vehicle security market and is recognised by insurers who encourage policy holders to fit high quality and effective security products to their tractors and plant.


As part of an 'attack test', vehicle security experts had 15 minutes to start a tractor fitted with the Vapormatic immobiliser. The immobiliser passed this test.

The unit was then sent to Thatcham's testing laboratory where Vapormatic says every component was thoroughly tested.

The keypad was then subjected to a robot arm entering more than 50,000 PIN codes.

The Vapormatic Immobiliser was awarded the 'best new product or innovation at a retail price under £5,000' at the recent LAMMA Show in Britain.

"The award is recognition of the benefit of the product for the agricultural industry," a Vapormatic official said.

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