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Saturday 17 March 2018

An answer to potato growers' prayers

Paul Brennan, Manulla, Co Mayo

Age: 23

Idea: Tramfiller

Stage: Prototype development

College: Tralee I.T.

The tramfiller is a specialised piece of equipment for potato growers to help them overcome some of the problems and crop losses associated with harvesting. In principle, the tramfiller works by filling in the tramlines that can form into major ruts while cultivating the crop. The product has market potential in both Ireland and the UK.

Paul has just completed his final year of Agricultural Engineering in Tralee. He said that without the Young Entrepreneur programme his idea may never have seen the light of day. As part of the programme he attended lectures once a week which covered areas on how to bring an idea to market.

He met mentors from successful businesses who made him aware of the various pitfalls and also helped Paul identify ways he could commercialise his idea. He learned practical business presentation and networking skills.

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The first working prototype is now being built and will be refined further on selected sites during the harvest season.

Paul is confident that his idea has a very good chance of success given the positive feedback from farmers.

All in all, it's a great position for a young college graduate to be in.

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