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Monday 23 April 2018

Amazone aims to adapt with its GreenDrill seeder

New from German firm Amazone is the GreenDrill seeder. It is suitable for sowing grass seed and other catch crops.

A 200-litre seed hopper and metering unit comes with factory-made mounting brackets. It is designed to fit onto all Amazone power harrows and Catros disc harrows, Farmhand says.

The unit's fan and metering shaft are electrically driven, with the seed being delivered by hoses to a series of baffle plates mounted in front or at rear of the harrow packer roller.

There are access steps to the hopper and with a few alterations to the mounting brackets it is also possible to fit the Amazone GreenDrill on to other makes of harrows.

The GreenDrill has a list price of €4,420 plus VAT and this includes all fittings, hoses, steps and standard control unit.

The higher specification comfort version displays information such as speed, working area and hours in the in-cab terminal and also automatically matches application rate to forward speed.

The higher spec unit adds an extra €950 to the overall price.

Further details can be found by calling Farmhand Ltd on 01 812 9700.

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