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Wednesday 21 February 2018

Always check product labels

Check product labels for details since there are fewer products cleared for use on oats and many have different timings and rates compared to wheat and barley.

Some of the key herbicides include Empire, Lorate, Thor, Ally Express, Ally Max, BiPlay, Galaxy, Spitfire, Oxytril CM, CMPP, MCPA, Eagle, Foundation, and various brands containing fluroxpyr.

Oats are very competitive against most broad-leafed weeds but watch out for cleavers, fumitory and pansy.

Tank mixing Ally Max or Cameo Max plus CMPP is very popular as it covers a large variety of weeds.

There are many other alternative mixes which can also be used. Where resistant marigold is a problem, replace CMPP with HBN (Oxytril at 1L/ha) or Galaxy (1-1.5L/ha).

Where poppies are problematic replace the CMPP with MCPA (1.5-2.0 L/ha). See page 11 for advice on wild oats.

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