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Monday 22 January 2018

All about northumbria

•The Northumbria River Basin District covers an area of 9,029km2 from the Scottish Borders down to Redcar, and from the east Pennines across to the North Sea.

•Northumbria's landscape is one of extreme variation, from highly industrial urban areas to the moors, hills and valleys of Northumberland National Park and the Pennine Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

•The Tees is the longest river in the district, and the Tyne has the largest catchment area.

•Land use is primarily agricultural, with a high proportion of grazing land (over half of the land area) and a relatively low proportion of arable and horticultural land.

•Nearly half of the district has been designated for its conservation or landscape value, with 10 Special Areas of Conservation and six Special Protection Areas, designated for water dependent features under the Habitats Directive.

•The district's National Nature Reserves account for around 20pc of the national total.

•Arable farming within the River Basin District is dominated by farming of cereal crops rather than vegetables.

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