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Wednesday 14 November 2018

Agri-Spread's new machines impress

EXPORT: Pictured is the British built Lite-Trac tractor unit equipped with demountable Agri-Spread disc spreading unit
EXPORT: Pictured is the British built Lite-Trac tractor unit equipped with demountable Agri-Spread disc spreading unit

Mayo firm Agri-Spread manufactures a broad range of agricultural machinery, including disc spreaders suitable for spreading fertiliser, lime, sand and bio-waste.

At a recent agricultural machinery show in Britain, the LAMMA Show, the firm's staff spoke to Lite-Trac personnel, who manufacture tractor units in the UK suitable for mounting the likes of a large sprayer or spreader on.

Lite-Trac was looking for a spreader that was capable of spreading light material at a rate of 5,000kg/ha at 15 kph.

The Mayo firm had such a unit and developed it to suit the Lite-Trac chassis and drive mechanism.

David Murphy, who handles sales and service for Agri-Spread and whose family set up Agri-Spread in 2007, explains: "Being a small company, Agri-Spread could build a custom spreader in a short lead time to the exact spec of the customer.

"Our strong reputation and market share in Britain brought us to the attention of Lite-Trac," says David McCardle, who handles sales and service for Agri-Spread. "Our willingness to build around the Lite-Trac and not vice versa was a major deciding factor in securing the build for us."

Mr McCardle claims the Agri-Spread unit, with its unique parabolic spinner design, has no issues in coping with high volume, low density material.

He also says the firm's cleated disc-feeder belt was preferred by Lite-Trac for hilly conditions. With minimal moving parts and gearboxes, maintenance and power requirements are also kept down.

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Hydraulic spinner control works at a lower engine RPM than pto driven units, at just 1200-1500, saving on fuel and excessive engine wear.

The firm uses weight cells and a Trimble-based GPS system, in conjunction with field mapping, to vary the application rate to suit changing field requirements.

Also available is an in-cab headland control system that has been developed in-house by the firm. The Lite-Trac unit is powered by a 260hp Cummins engine matched to a Dana powershift transmission with six forward and three reverse gears.

Axle drive is mechanical through Dana axles equipped with differential lock and suspension between axles and chassis air all-round. Payload capacity is 14 tonnes and overall length is 7.4 metres. Wheel/tyre options are 480/80R50's or 800/70R38 flotation wheels. The Agri-Spread hopper has a capacity of 12 tonnes of lime or eight tonnes of fertiliser.

It is a de-mount machine so there are other options to carry on-board, the main one being a sprayer. The price of the basic 'tractor' was quoted at around €148,000 earlier this year at the LAMMA Show in the UK.

The Lite-Trac web site is

"This first unit is on demo all across the south of England," says Mr Murphy, adding there are four more units now on order, two of which will be sent to Australia.

These will be produced over the next year at the Mayo facility and is quite a coup for the west of Ireland firm. Check out

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