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Why Irish fields could soon be filled with grass fit for footballers


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If the latest tetraploid grass seeds are able to withstand the impact of stampeding football players, there's no reason why they can't cope with the footfall of cows.

Speaking at the recent DLF Seeds Grass Partner meeting in Tullamore, Paul Flanagan said in recent times football stadia have started using tetraploids due to their high recovery rates and doesn't see why the same can't be replicated on farms.

"If you put 30 players out running across a field on tetraploid varieties for 70 minutes, the tetraploids have a far bigger recovery rate than the diploids," said the DLF Seeds General Manager.

"In my mind it would stand to reason if you walked 100 cows across a tetraploid versus a diploid, it would recover quicker as well. I don't see why there would be differences."

Mr Flanagan said that while in the past tetraploid varieties were known for being upright and open, now diploid qualities have also been bred in to them in recent years which has improved yield and quality.

This has made tetraploids such as Xenon and Aspect more popular, he said.

Mr Flanagan added that when choosing varieties, characteristics such as yield, quality at the right time of year, ability to fight disease and ground cover are all very important.

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