Whiskey export growth is benefitting Irish farmers, says head of whiskey association

Claire Fox

Claire Fox

Irish whiskey exports' 14.2pc increase in value in 2017, is to the advantage of Irish barley farmers, the Head of the Irish Whiskey Association, William Lavelle has said.

Irish whiskey exports recorded a 14.2pc increase in value in 2017, according to the Central Statistics Office’s (CSO) 2017 Trade Statistics report, published today.

The category saw a 16.7pc  increase in exports to the US, its largest export market; a 15.7pc increase in exports to Canada and 9.2pc increase in exports across the 27 EU markets.    

It is estimated that nearly 120 million bottles (10 million cases) were sold in 2017, worth over €600 million in exports from Ireland, up 20pc from 2016.

Mr Lavelle said that this figure shows how Irish whiskey growth is benefitting both the Irish economy and the Irish farmer.

"These figures confirm the sustained double-digit export growth in the Irish whiskey category. Irish whiskey export growth is delivering for the Irish economy, creating jobs throughout the country and benefiting Irish barley farmers.

“Irish whiskey remains the fastest growing spirits category in the world. This growth is showing signs of no abatement. Our industry has global ambitions and we are targeting more growth in more markets.”

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