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Friday 23 February 2018

Vet facing trial over allegations of illegally importing medicines

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Anne Lucey

A Kerry vet is facing allegations of importing a number of animal remedies without the proper authorisation.

Hendrik Willem Offereins of Lissyclearig, Kenmare has been summonsed by the Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine.

Some 15 summonses are involved and all relate to January 15 at Dublin Airport.

They include importing an animal remedy containing a substance having an androgenic action namely Stanazol, contrary to European Communities Regulations on the control of animal remedies; Anabol, Vitamin B1 and Pentosan are other substances alleged to have been imported.

Other summonses allege that Mr Offereins imported Vigosine injectible and injectible Iodine without the authorisation being in force.

State Solicitor, Ed O’Sullivan, said that if the matter is contested it will take “the best part of a day.”

Conor Murphy, Solicitor for Mr Offereins, said he was making “a Garry Doyle order” in other words he wanted full disclosure of all documents. This application was granted.

The matter has been put back to April 7 next.

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