Some €118,000 in unpaid wages recovered from agri sector last year

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Ciaran Moran

Ciaran Moran

Of the 106 inspections of agriculture workplaces including farms in 2018, some 43pc were found to be in breach of employment law.

The Workplace Relations Commission (WRC) said it recovered €188,597 of unpaid wages from 46 agriculture cases which it investigated last year.

The WRC's Inspection and Enforcement Service undertakes inspections of employment records to ensure compliance with employment law.

This involves, but is not confined to, examining employer’s employment-related books, records and documents, and conducting interviews with the employer and current and former employees.

It says the aim is to monitor employment conditions, to ensure compliance with employment legislation, and, if necessary, enforce employment rights legislation.

This might include redress for, and payment of, any unpaid wages arising from breaches of employment rights.

 Inspections may also take place in tandem with Gardaí and other regulatory bodies.

The focus of inspections is on sectors and employers considered to be ‘high risk’ in terms of statutory employment rights transgressions.

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