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'Revenue holding VAT money from farmers over Kerry co-op share issues'


During a recent Dail debate it was suggested that the Revenue Commissioners may be withholding funds owed to farmers due to issues they might have with Kerry co-op patronage shares.

Fianna Fail, Deputy John Brassil told the Dail this week that he has been contacted by a shareholder who said they were due a VAT repayment of more than €2,000 but it was not paid.

“The only explanation he could find was that it was put against the money the Revenue Commissioners claim he owes on the preference share issue,” he said.

The Kerry TD went on to say that he put a question to the Revenue Commissioners when they attended the finance committee on whether there would be any consequences such as the issuing of tax clearance certificates for previous years.

The Deputy said TDs were assured there would not be.

He said the case of this farmer seems to go completely against what was outlined at the meeting, despite an assurances from Revenue the issue would be dealt with separately.

“We are talking in this case about compliant taxpayers, and we must defend them and treat them fairly.

“This is not right and we need to address the issue,” he said.

The Minister for Finance said the matter should be raised directly with the Office of the Revenue Commissioners.

During the debate the Minister also rejected suggestions that farmers have been discriminated against in relation to the continuing saga concerning Kerry-co-op patronage shares.

The issue arose first in late 2016 when 400 Kerry Co-op farmers received letters telling them income tax was due on these shares which were effectively a kind of loyalty bonus.

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