Pressure piles on farmers over waste tyres

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Ciaran Moran

Ciaran Moran

Farmers will be put under the spotlight over the use of waste tyres on silage pits.

New tyre regulations apply to farmers once the first movement of waste tyres on to or from their farms occurs.

Farmers using waste tyres in silage pits must register with the approved body Repak ELT.

However, a Department of Environment review into the first year of a scheme set up to ensure waste tyres are disposed of correctly has found that just 35 farmers registered.

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The review found that action is required to assess the extent of the issue and that Repak ELT should conduct a further review.

The Department warned that following the outcome of this assessment, further action might be needed to ensure compliance by farmers.

Farmers are prohibited from storing waste tyres on their farms, other than the temporary storage of tyres related to their business.

Farmers are entitled to store up to eight tyres per square metre of their silage pit's floor area.

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Farmers must inform Repak ELT of all tyre movements onto or off their farm.

Waste tyres removed off the farm must be done by an authorised waste collector.

Only farmers who have taken tyres since the introduction of the new regulations have to register with Repak ELT.

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