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Saturday 17 March 2018

Points tumble for most Ag Science courses

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Margaret Donnelly

Margaret Donnelly

The points needed to study Agriculture at UCD are back slightly on last year for almost every agricultural course.

This year, students will need 455 points to secure a place in the first round offers for Agricultural Science. Last year, final round offers were made to all students with 460 points.

Other agriculture courses in UCD saw points jump and fall, depending on the course. Dairy Business is at 451 points, up from 440 last year, while the points for Agri-Environmental Sciences are at 419 - doen from 430 last year.

Food Science requirements are also back - to 466 from 490 last year, while the points required for Human Nutrition are also back - to 509, from 530.

Horticulture, Landscape and Sportsturf Management has a points requirement of 300.

The 2017 points are 441 for NUI Cork for Food Marketing and Entrepreneurship the course, which required students to have 440 last year.

Dundalk Institute has also seen the points for its Agriculture course slip slightly, to 341 from 355 last year, while Agri-Food Science in Sligo is also back slightly at 307. Its Environmental Science course requires students to have 282 points this year, back from 330 last year.

Agricultural Engineering in Tralee is also back, at 320 points - down from 335 last year, while Agricultural Science in Waterford is at 389 points (back from 400 last year).

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Of the Level 7/6 courses, Agriculture at Cork IT is at 292 and Horticulture is at 170, both back on last year. Agriculture and Environmental Management in Galway/Mayo held its points requirement at 290.

Food Science at Letterkenny is up on last year - to 179 (from 155), while its Agriculture course is at 216.

Limerick IT's Agricultural Mechanisation course is back at 217, while Environmental Management in Agriculture is at 232.

The points required for Sligo IT's Agri-Food Science course are 234, while Agricultural Engineering at IT Tralee needs 270 points and its Agricultural Science course requires students to have 293 points.

Waterford IT's Agriculture requires students to have 349 points, back on last year.

Veterinary Medicine

Veterinary Medicine points in UCD are 564, for the undergraduate course, while Veterinary Nursing stands at 467 in UCD.

Veterinary Nursing at Letterkenny is at 358.

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