Overseas consumers put a premium on Irish grass-fed label

The Origin Green scheme rolled out by Bord Bia
The Origin Green scheme rolled out by Bord Bia

Martin Ryan

A majority of consumers in our main export markets are prepared to pay a premium price for grass-fed Irish meat and dairy produce, a new Bord Bia survey has found.

The survey of 8,628 people across 13 countries was commissioned by Bord Bia to assess consumer preference as part of the Origin Green promotional campaign for Irish produce.

Half of those surveyed said that 'grass-fed' influenced their purchase of dairy or meat products. Some 64pc of the consumers interviewed said they would pay more for meat produced on a grass base, while 58pc were willing to pay extra for grass-based dairy products.


The survey results were presented by Michael Maloney, director Origin Green and Quality Assurance, Bord Bia, at the Cattle Association of Veterinary Ireland (CAVI) conference.

In a presentation on sustainability and farm exports, he said the Origin Green promotion is having a positive influence on exports.

The Origin Green verification system now includes 95.5pc of dairy farmers, 95pc of pig and poultry producers with certification, and more than 50,000 beef producers approved within the various quality assurance schemes.

Since the extension of the scheme to the processing sector, 589 companies representing 95pc of exports have been registered, and 346 have been verified. A further 243 companies are at the workshop/plan development stage.

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