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Tuesday 12 December 2017

Multi agency effort saves life of farmer following 'serious' accident

Image: AirCorps
Image: AirCorps
Ciaran Moran

Ciaran Moran

A major operation last weekend saw a host of emergency services attend the scene of a serious farm accident in Meath.

Units from the Fire Service as well as local Gardai attended the scene on a farm.

The Health and Safety Authority confirmed that a self employed farmer was involved in what it described as a 'serious' accident on his farm.

AirCorps112 also responded to the scene, as part of the multi-agency effort.

AirCorps 112 attended the scene. Image: AirCorps
AirCorps 112 attended the scene. Image: AirCorps

The patient was treated at scene and transported to Tallaght Hospital, the flight taking only 13 minutes.

It is understood the farmer is now recovering well in hospital.

It comes as the HSA undertook a month-long intensive farm inspection campaign last month. The inspections are aimed at reducing the number of accidents resulting in injury and death on farms.

Inspectors from the Authority will visit almost 500 farms over the next few weeks and there will be a particular focus on the safe handling of livestock.

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Pat Griffin, Senior Inspector with the Health and Safety Authority, has said that although the calving period is a particularly risky time of the year, dangerous situations can be minimised.

“I would encourage Farmers to take time to understand the basics of animal behaviour and be alert for signs of aggression. In particular, care is needed around cows with a new born calf when they can be unpredictable and much more likely to attack.

“Never turn your back on a cow with a new born, have a planned escape route and keep children and inexperienced handlers well away”.

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