Majority of UK consumers try to by British food and think it tastes better

Are UK consumers prepared to pay more for British food?
Are UK consumers prepared to pay more for British food?
Margaret Donnelly

Margaret Donnelly

The majority of UK consumers try to buy British, new research has found, a worrying trend considering how reliant the Irish agri-food sector is on exports to the UK.

When surveyed, 60pc of shoppers agree that they try to buy British food whenever they can while 8pc disagree. Some 76pc agree that it is important to support British farmers while only 3pc disagree.

Some 48pc of consumers in the UK check food labels to see where their food has come from, while 44pc think that British food is more expensive – although 60pc say they still buy British when then can.

Data from surveys run by the UK Department of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs among others, also found that 45pc think that British food tastes better while 9pc disagree.

The agri-food sector in the UK employs 13pc of the working population – almost 4m people and contributed £110.4 billion or 6.6pc to national Gross Value Added in 2015.

The survey also looked at where UK food comes from and found that while there is sourcing from a diverse range of stable regions enhances food security, just under 50pc of food consumed in the UK is produced in the UK.

Outside the UK, the next leading source of food in the UK is the EU, which supplies 30pc of food that is consumed in the UK.

The three largest value imported commodity groups (at 2016 prices) were fruit and vegetables, meat and beverages.

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The UK remains Ireland’s single most important food and drink export destination, accounting for 37pc of all Irish food and drink exports in 2016.

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