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Goodman: 'Brexit discussion should be about efficiencies not demands'


Businessman Larry Goodman.

Businessman Larry Goodman.

Businessman Larry Goodman.

Larry Goodman has said that the word ‘demand’ was being over used in discussions around Brexit and the potential impact on the Irish agri-food sector.

Speaking to, he said Brexit posed many challenges for the agri-food industry, but that ‘demanding’ results or deals was not the way forward.

“There are too many people asking and demanding for things to happen.

“There is not enough about efficiency.

“I have yet to hear anyone talk about efficiencies and how we can be more efficient and that’s critical”

“Across all levels there needs to be greater efficiency in farming and the entire supply chain. It’s not just at farmer level, but that has to improve too, but there must be greater efficiency in the supply chain.”

Goodman was attending the Irish Farmers Journal/AIB conference on ‘Navigating Global Trade’ and told that his meat processing group ABP has twice as many factories in the UK as it has in Ireland, so the future of UK farming is vital for the company.

At the conference EU Agriculture Commissioner, Phil Hogan was asked what was he doing for Irish agri-food sector in light of Brexit. 

Commissioner Hogan also told delegates at the conference that the British farmer is in a very difficult position.

‘They showed very little leadership in the campaign”, and he warned that If there is going to be free trade agreement between the UK and the US, he questioned whether or not such imports would be of the same quality as EU food.

“If not we will have hormone beef and food not of the same standards as EU.”

Commissioner Hogan also that It is imperative that the Irish agri-food industry prepares for a full spectrum of possibilities, but until Article 50 is triggered, no one knows the lie of the land.

“If the Irish agri-food sector is to continue on an upward trajectory trade is vital to that.”

Ireland, he said, as part of the EU is part of the most powerful trading bloc in the world and trade is critical for the EU agri-food sector.

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