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Thursday 14 December 2017

Farmer prosecuted for no insurance after car crashes into HIS tractor

The driver of the car was ‘blinded by the sun’ and hit the tractor.
The driver of the car was ‘blinded by the sun’ and hit the tractor.

Anne Campbell

A North Louth sheep owner whose tractor was involved in a crash on a country road was prosecuted for having no insurance on the vehicle, even though he was not to blame for the accident.

Coleman Clarke (64), 20 St Michael’s Terrace, Carlingford, was summonsed following the accident at Lemineagh, Carlingford, on November 23 last year.

At Dundalk District Court, Judge John Coughlan heard how Clarke, who has no previous convictions, had pulled over onto the verge to let an oncoming car past.

But the driver of the car was ‘blinded by the sun’ and hit the tractor. Gardai who went to the scene found out the tractor was not insured.

Solicitor Peter Lavery said his client doesn’t enjoy good health and keeps a number of sheep 'as a hobby mostly'.

Clarke had pulled in to let the driver past and he was not at fault in the ‘unfortunate incident’ because it was the result of the other driver’s actions.

Mr Lavery said there was no claim being taken against his client ‘or anything like that’ and added that Clarke ‘will not be on the road again’.

He said: ‘He has come to this stage in his life without any adverse attention’ and asked the court to give Clarke a chance. Mr Lavery said Clarke had €67 in court if needed for the court poor box.

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But Judge John Coughlan said he was willing to give the defendant a chance and dismissed the summons. He ordered that the money be handed in and said he was dismissing the case ‘because he has no previous convictions and he’s now 64 and that’s a long time to be driving’.

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