Farm incomes for 2019 to be outlined by Teagasc

Black and white cows on farmland
Black and white cows on farmland
Claire Fox

Claire Fox

Brexit and fluctuating farm incomes are expected to be the main topics of discussion at the Teagasc Outlook event today.

Brexit, fluctuating farm incomes and the impact of unpredictable weather on farms are expected to be the main topics of discussion at the Teagasc Outlook event today.

Teagasc economists will provide a detailed report on predictions for agri inputs, cereals, pig, sheep, cattle, dairy and farm incomes for 2019 at the event in Dublin’s Alex Hotel this afternoon.

Farmers, farm organisations, food businesses, financial institutions, academics and policy makers are being encouraged to attend the event which is occurring in the backdrop of Brexit negotiations.

This year’s conference will also include a review of 2018 which has been one of the most challenging years for farmers to date having experienced a long winter, declining fodder supplies and a drought during the summer.

In its mid review in July Teagasc outlined that dairy farm incomes could drop by as much as 60pc by the end of this year.

A long winter was followed by an abnormal spring rainfall pattern. This is turn has been followed by summer drought conditions and unusually high temperatures.

The initial impact of these weather anomalies was felt via elevated levels of winter feeding of cattle and late planting of spring sown tillage crops. This was then followed by high levels of spring rainfall, which resulted in cattle being removed from pasture and re-housed for a period. 

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By the middle of summer, drought conditions led to a collapse in grass growth, limited grazing and an interruption to silage production.

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