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'UK farmers will wave goodbye to red tape after Brexit'


Photo: Reuters

Photo: Reuters


Photo: Reuters

Farmers in the UK will be spared a raft of red tape, the UK's Environment Secretary Andrea Leadsom has told the Oxford Farming Conference.

Speaking at the event today, she also said that British farmers will no longer have to display billboards saying that they receive European Union funding or be dictated to over crops.

"For too long, a bureaucratic system, which tries to meet the needs of 28 different Member States, has held farmers back.

"But now, we have the chance to design a domestic successor to CAP that works for all of you, rather than the entire European Union."

The Department of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, says this will mean 40,000 farmers will be free to grow the foods people want.

She also said that following Britain's departure from the EU in 2019, the Government will scrap rules which require farmers and rural businesses to pay for and display billboards or posters which publicise the EU contribution for grants to grow their businesses.

Leadsom also said that the British government had €120m to spend on rural development programmes.

"In the next few months, up to £120 million will be made available to help support rural growth."

The UK, she said, will publish two green papers - one on food and farming and the other on the environment shortly.

The UK's exit programme, she said, has eight different work streams, and is carrying out detailed analysis, ranging from market access and labour, to trade and agricultural land use policy.

She also said that In order to get more innovative projects up and running the Government has allocated £160m to a dedicated agri-tech strategy.

"This includes funding for agri-tech catalysts and four Centres for Agricultural Innovation."